Homefront Easter Egg – Classroom Pledge

Credit to Genuine Gamers reviewer Jose Bear.  He has found a neat (if that is the right word?) Easter Egg in Homefront.  During the second mission (checkpoint ‘Meet up with Rianna’), you enter an old school.

In the gym hall behind some boxes on the far right wall you will find a barcode.  When read with a neo reader, you receive a wall paper and a link to the below video (which we’ve uploaded to YouTube).


Classroom pledge video:


Update -

Another barcode has been found.  This time we’re given a link to a music video showing the almighty America (before it’s fall).  Location pictures are below:




Since this we’ve found a further two clips. This one shows an apparent suicide bomber talking about his plans to make a stand.

The fourth clip shows a public address from Kim Jong-un regarding the occupation of the United States of America.


  1. the barcodes found in Homefront aren’t actually easter eggs. the barcodes: if you have a smart phone, you scan the barcode displayed on your TV (when you find one) and go on the Homefront website, and it will give your phone new wall papers.
    Gamertag: AgiantRoflbrick
    message if you have any questions

  2. Ted Matt. /

    I saw one of these once, but until now i didnt know what it was. At the start of mission 2, when you are at the “safe haven” or “oasis”, whatever you call it, you can find one after the scene where conner talks to boone. After that scene, just walk forward, past the mother with a baby, and make a right. You should be in a room with plans on the far wall. Walk forward, past the baracaded door on your left, and by those baracades, look on the bottom of the wall, by the floor. You should be staring right at it.

  3. Gans5t4 m0n3y /

    can anyone get me into a modded lobby for level 75 for free? i got my old acount hacked and im to lazy to spend another year trying to get to 75 agin if so send me a mssg on xbx live my gtag is gans5t4 m0n3y

  4. James IV /

    The first time I saw one of these I knew right away what it was. First of all they are called QRCodes, 2 Dimensional Bar Codes. I actually was planning on scanning these cause I had a hunch they hid easter eggs, but I don’t have a smart phone and forgot about the screen shots I took.

    Well atleast I know i was right (Deus Ex Human Revolution also has atleast one hidden on the shipping boxes in the first level)

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