Dark Souls 2 – CG Announcement Trailer

From Software and Namco Bandai have recently announced Dark Souls II, the sequel to what is arguably this generation’s best action RPG (and maybe even game for that matter).

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably already seen the CG trailer that debuted at this year’s Spike VGAs (a show which, let’s be honest here, has really been about the trailers in recent years). You’ve probably seen it twenty times over. If not though, then here it is for your viewing pleasure. Now go and watch it at least twenty times.

In case you didn’t pick up from my review of the first Dark Souls, this article’s blurb and the intro you’ve just read, I am very, very excited by this announcement. Despite the trailer showing nothing in the way of actual gameplay, it does strongly reaffirm that many of the things that made Dark Souls great will make a return: the stellar art direction, the sombre atmosphere, the risky and and brutal combat, the horrible and unexpected burning to death by a fire-breathing dragon…

While the change in directors is a little disconcerting (the director of the original Dark Souls and Demons’ Souls Hidetaka Miyazaki is merely acting as supervisor here, heading up another project in the meantime if a recent interview with Famitsu is any indication), I remain confident that the developers will continue to adhere to the core of these games, that is to say that we’ll see a generally high level of challenge, some excellent background narrative and that unique blend of single and multiplayer that many of us have come to know and love (now with dedicated servers!). You’d be a bit daft to say that both From Software and Namco Bandai don’t know how important Dark Souls II is to them and how important it is to get right, after all.

The CG trailer can be found below. Just look at the art direction. Look at it.


Dark Souls II currently has no firm release date save for ‘sometime later this year’ (to paraphrase) on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. I’d actually bet on early 2014 myself.

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