XCOM: Enemy Unknown – Re...

Nov 05, 12 XCOM: Enemy Unknown – Review

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Shoring up his defences and weighing his tactical options, Transient Nova advises all citizens to remain calm in the event of an alien invasion. Or panic. He's okay with that too.

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Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroe...

These definitely warrant a '!' at the very least.

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown – Ga...

Sep 15, 12 XCOM: Enemy Unknown – Gameplay Walkthrough Trailer

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Chryssalids. Why did it have to be Chryssalids?

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Terraria coming to XBLA and PS...

Sep 12, 12 Terraria coming to XBLA and PSN – Announcement

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It's the intricate fusion of Minecraft and Metroid you've always wanted (assuming that I've read your mind correctly anyway).

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Wreckateer – Review (Sum...

Sep 08, 12 Wreckateer – Review (Summer of Arcade 2012)

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We've recently learned that Iron Galaxy's Wreckateer may be one of the worst performing Summer of Arcade titles in the history of the promotion. Oh dear. Jose Bear, Kinect in hand, dives in to find out if the game actually deserves it's cruel fate.

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Awesomenauts – Review

Once believing it to be some kind of fish, Transient Nova is thrown into the traditionally PC-centric world of the MOBA with Romino's Awesomenauts, learning much of the genre in the process. For the record though, he still thinks it's some kind of fish.

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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier &#...

Work Ethic joins the Ghosts on their toughest mission to date: competing with the juggernaut that is Call Of Duty.

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Feb 06, 12 CATHERINE – Review

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Alaric steps into the shoes of one very naughty boy and momentarily forgets he's supposed to be playing a game instead of watching it. CATHERINE stands ready to tickle your fancy.

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Weekly Demo Watch

Liam takes a look at this week's Xbox Live demos.

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Tropico 4 expansion announced

Jan 13, 12 Tropico 4 expansion announced

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Kalypso have announced an expansion for Tropico 4, the RTS where you create your own dictatorship. Tropico 4: Modern Times will be released in March, and will price at 1200ms points on Xbox Live....

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