Bang Bang Racing – Review

Bang Bang Racing

By BrutishBatfink


Bang-on family fun.


Anyone out there with an Android phone might have come across this one. Bang Bang Racing was an Android OS game that originally came out last year, and it must have impressed a few people because it’s now out on Xbox LIVE Arcade to join the big boys.

The game is a simple racer, played from a top-down perspective that fits in perfectly with the game world. The cars and environment have a lovely, vibrant look, and there is a lot of detail on the tracks such as lively green fields, clear blue seas and lots of little things going on behind the racing barriers. It’s all quite charming really.

I mean, the people watching the races all look like little Weeble Wobbles (I hope I’m not the only person in the world you remembers them). They’re like little egg men that jump up and down as you pass them and they just look really sweet.

What the developers have attempted to do here with Bang Bang Racing and succeeded in doing for the most part is to make a family friendly racer with practically no focus on combat.

Just like in the good old days, they want us zooming around these little tracks and enjoying ourselves, not stressing out because we failed to blow up the right quota of enemies and being forced to restart the race again. No, it’s simplicity all the way with this one. This is a pipe and long scarf racing jaunty.

The family market is really where this game is going to shine. I can easily see a few dads sitting down with their sons for a few short matches on this and having a blast doing so.

Bang Bang Racing supports split-screen multiplayer for up to 4 players, but for some reason there is no online multiplayer, which seems a bit odd considering the type of game it is and could be considered a missed opportunity.

The game has four car classes: N-Dura, Evo GT, Protech and Apex, with each one playing differently and running the gamut of race cars, muscle cars and so forth. There are five cars in each series so you have plenty to play with and they can each be tarted up with nice and colorful paint liveries.

Anyone can handle these cars. They’re easy to drive and nip a long at a decent pace. The more I drive them, the more they keep reminding me of my youth when I used to play with Micro Machines in my back garden *looks into distance and reminisces……* Where was I? Oh yes, the review.

There are nine courses in the game, and you can play each one in reverse like in most racing games. With numerous shortcuts to find in each track there’s plenty of opportunity for some sneaky overtakes. Now, providing my math is right with all the options and tournaments considered there are in total 54 unique race configurations. Not bad for 800 Microsoft points.

Bang Bang Racing’s simplicity is both its best and worst feature. As pleasant as it is whizzing around these tracks, there will be some more seasoned racers who want something with a bit more bite to it. A bit more ‘Grrrrr…’ if you pardon that simplistic expression. The game would likely entertain the younger gamers for hours, but I think the rest of us would probably switch straight back to Need For Speed for some real ‘bang-bang’ racing.



Developers: Playbox, Digital Reality

Publisher: Digital Reality

Players: 1-4 (offline only)

Release: 6th June, 2012

Initial Price: 800 Microsoft points





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